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Here's what my clients are saying...

"My confidence has risen, and my success rate soared..."

I can truly say that working with Nicola was one of the best financial business decisions I have made. When I required some business coaching, working with Nicola has been enlightening. My confidence has risen, and my success rate soared. Overall I feel much more relaxed yet excited about the future of my business.

I continue to get on going tangible results. In addition to the business side, I was able to tackle some some challenging personal issues. As a result my family life has been enhanced and is now much more peaceful and less stressful.

Sue Hearn - Utility Warehouse

"My life is so different..."

Before working with Nicola I had a ton of self limiting beliefs which were obviously not helping me to progress to the next stage of my business. I choose to work with Nicola because I liked her fun refreshing approach and could tell she’d be great to work with.

Nicola has lots of empathy for people. She listens without judging and is discreet and seemed to get me and my problems quickly. When I was under hypnosis, she had a lovely soothing voice which is really important.

After our sessions, thanks to Nicola I developed a strong belief in myself that I could achieve my goals. My life is so different in that I'm now helping people in the Uk, Australia, New Zealand and in lots of other countries and I'm just loving it. I am successful but I'm still me. I'm not trying to be someone else.

My vulnerabilities are my strength if that makes sense. I'm also having a lot of fun while building my now global business but I also have a wonderful work/life balance which I struggled with before. I have found that I am attracting really exciting and inspirational people into all aspects of my life.

Liz Doyle - Global Business Builder and Coach

"I had been struggling with things in my life..."

I had been struggling with things in my life such as depression and marriage break up. The work Nicola and I undertook really got me thinking about my purpose in life - she challenged me in a supportive way and helped me to think about the direction in my life.

Jonathan Peach - Executive Business Life Coach

"I have had fantastic results from working with Nicola…"

I have had fantastic results from working with Nicola, she has showed me that the changes I want to create in life can actually happen by taking little steps towards those bigger goals. She has a very positive attitude and draws out qualities in individuals making them realise who they really are and how they would like to develop whether it is on a professional or personal level.

VG, Cirencester

"A really interesting, exhilarating workshop…"

A really interesting, exhilarating workshop. Ive learned real tools to help me improve all aspects of my business and personal life. You are a real living example and inspiration of the power of what you are teaching.

SC, Oxford

"Working with Nicola was such a positive experience..."

Working with Nicola was such a positive experience. It was an incredible relief to open up and talk so candidly. I felt safe to express my frustrations. I felt clearer than ever about my long held dream and how I was going to achieve it. Nicola helped de-clutter my mind in such a warm hearted way.

Fiona McFall - Singer-Songwriter

"I feel content and happy!"

Before working with Nicola I had a constant uncontrollable anxiety at all time, affecting me in everyday life. Hypnotherapy was my last resort but knowing what I know now it should have been my FIRST port of call! I am no longer scared of what may happen. I am more relaxed and take things in my stride. I feel content and happy!

Nikki Stapleton - Assistant Manager

"One of the best courses I have attended for a long time..."

Just wanted to say what a fab two days …one of the best courses I have attended for a long time and yes you were right it definitely felt different on the Monday morning. I have had the usual stressful week but felt a lot more in control especially when dealing with the difficult person.

TR, IT Consultant

"Without Nicola, I know I would not be where I am now..."

Very rarely do you meet people who change your life in an almost instant. Nicola did that for me.

I had lost my self esteem, self worth and I felt totally lost and out of control. I had a business idea but I felt so out of grips on how to reach it. Nicola sorted me. Actually no, she helped me to sort me. And that's her talent. She unravelled the tangled web that was my mind and challenged me to face things I would never have done otherwise.

Within a year, and after working with Nicola on her program, I am independent, have a flourishing career as a Personal Trainer and have developed my own unique exercise discipline. I'm earning extremely well and I absolutely love what I do.

Without Nicola, I know I would not be where I am now. She is THE most positive person you could ever meet, but she tells you how it is. Her straight talking, yet amazing encouragement made me believe in myself and the business that she helped me create. She is encouraging to an extent where you feel that she truly believes in you and what you're doing. And that's what I needed - and still do.

She's a listener, a mentor, a challenger and potentially most importantly, a damn good person who helps people reach their happy place, both personally and professionally..

Lynsey MacDonald –Director Sculpt Discipline

"My business now has a clear direction to follow..."

Nicola is inspirational and has been able to facilitate changes in me that have led to a healthier, happier lifestyle. I am now working in complete congruence with my values in life. This has improved my confidence and mindset. My business now has a clear direction to follow and has grown as a result.

Leila Hardy - BU4Life Business Owner

"I keep focused and find increasing success..."

Nicola has a very professional approach which attracted me to work with her as much as her energetic and empathetic personality. By working regularly with her, I keep focused and find increasing success in the areas of business and personal development. 

Nicola has helped me understand how to establish and experience a more positive mindset and increase my wealth consciousness. Results so far are fantastic and I highly recommend her to anyone who is currently feeling the desire to make changes in their lives or achieve more – especially professionally or financially.

NG, Stratford upon Avon

"After just one session I wrote the whole thing..."

I was fed up with attempting to begin my new website. After just one session I wrote the whole thing in ONE DAY! So not only did I start it, I also completed it! Nicola is an expert in her field and gets straight to the heart of a matter. If you're STUCK and need to "Go For It!!" in whatever capacity, she is definitely the one for you!

Carol Love - Health Kinesiologist

"100% better than when I arrived…"

Nicola is easy to talk to and I certainly felt comfortable opening up with her. I always looked forward to our sessions as I knew I would leave feeling 100% better than when I arrived. My husband likes that I am capable of being more spontaneous and no longer afraid of large crowds.

Rachel Bloomfield - Marathon Runner

"100% effective!"

I chose to work with Nicola, as I already attended 2 seminars, both of which I had enjoyed and felt nourished by Nicola's positivity. I needed help with focusing on my goals and priorities in my busy business life. It was a smooth process without being too intrusive, but being 100% effective!

Anthony Cripps - Director at Cripps Recruitment

"Eye-opening...and financially rewarding!"

I was lacking motivation, self-belief and very low self- esteem. My limiting beliefs were holding me back. Working with Nicola, the programme has been eye-opening/revealing and financially rewarding!

Pippa Aldridge - Health & Fitness Studio Owner

"A number of blockages were cleared!"

Whilst working with Nicola I was both supported and challenged on some of my perceptions and life choices. A number of blockages were cleared during our sessions together. The mind programming audio provided has been most useful!

Carol Fieldhouse- Health Practitioner

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