Want to Improve Your Performance At Work?

Performance at work covers such a wide spectrum of scenarios, especially during this period of lockdown – how many of the questions below would you answer YES to?

  • Do you feel you’re at a sticking point in your business or your career?
  • Do you find yourself doubting yourself or your ability to handle certain situations?
  • Perhaps, you have a new role and need to improve your skills such as public speaking, personal effectiveness or ability to influence others?
  • Are you feeling challenged or struggling with a disengaged team?
    Perhaps your workforce has increased and you’re struggling to feel confident as an authentic leader?
  • Maybe you’re a victim of work place bullying, feel underappreciated or overlooked which is resulting in burn out and stress?

Now let me ask a few more questions ….

  • How would it feel to be able to speak more confidently?
  • How would it feel to be really listened to and taken more seriously?
  • Would you like to feel more charismatic and influential?
  • How would you like to be able bounce back when your knocked off track?
  • What would it feel to break free from limiting patterns that have prevented you (until now) from coping more?

This is a time more than ever before to look after your emotional and mental health. Especially if you are struggling, trying to balance the challenges of your new work situation; whilst your family are self isolating with you. 

Or are you feeling isolated, anxious and concerned about aspects of the Covid19 situation? You may be one of the many people experiencing the wobbles. With my background in management performance, leading teams and individuals within the NHS and private sector, I understand just how easy it is to sometimes have periods of low motivation, lack focus and low self-esteem.

Charlie’s story ….

Charlie came to work with me to overcome his embarrassing habit of blushing when giving pitches and presentations. He had a great business as a high achieving architect working with the Chinese market. Every time he gave a presentation to a prospective client he would blush, start to feel very unconfident and consequently begin to stutter his words.

Charlie had a very uncomfortable experience as a child when told to stand up in front of his classmates which ultimately led to him being laughed at. His subconscious has held on to this experience and left him with a real fear of being judged and being laughed at.

Through the power of hypnosis, reframing his childhood experience and working on some presentation skills, Charlie was able to clear his old fear.

Charlie now had structure and a new confident self-belief and his natural charismatic personality was able to shine through when giving his presentations.

Jan’s story…

Jan came to work with me as a very stressed Health & Social Care Team Manager. She was working extremely long hours (70-80hrs each week) trying to keep the team functioning and keep the service running.

Sadly, Jan was very under appreciated by her direct Manager. In fact it was more than that, she was actually being bullied by her manager. Despite being very good at her job, Jan had reached beyond her capacity. As a result, she wasn’t sleeping and had numerous health issues.

We used different mindset techniques to conquer the feeling of being bullied, manage her stress levels and improve her sleep. Through our work together, Jan realised she had been giving her power away to someone (her direct Manager) and became much stronger as an individual. So much so that she very quickly found a new job which was perfect her. Jan is now thriving in her new role and is much more confident in herself.

Here’s how I work with those who want to improve their performance at work…

Step 1: I invite you to book a Complimentary Discovery Call with me so we can explore your particular situation.

On this call (which will last between 30-45mins) I will be able to give you some specific and practical advice on what you can do to improve your situation and move you forward.

Step 2: At the end of the call I will explain how I can help you in a bigger way and will suggest the number of sessions I believe will give you the results you want, should you wish to receive further support from me. The number of sessions recommended is based on your specific situation.

Step 3: We identify the best way for you to access your sessions. The way in which I work and help people can either be done face to face or online via Skype. I don’t want time and travel to be a barrier for you getting the help and support you need.

To Claim Your Complimentary Discovery Call Click Here – you will then be able to select the day & time which works best for you.