Want to Stop Feeling Stressed or Anxious?

If you are feeling stressed, anxious, exhausted or overwhelmed during this COVID-19 period I am going to bet you are probably experiencing some or all of these symptoms…

  • Do you find yourself lying awake at night unable to sleep… preoccupied with worrying about all sorts of things …going over and over in your mind?
  • Perhaps you experience sudden emotional outbursts?
  • Is Your health suffering… do you get or have migraines, a skin condition, constant colds, IBS symptoms & high blood pressure ?
  • Is Your confidence at rock bottom?
  • Maybe you have turned to sleeping tablets, anti depressants, food and alcohol for relief and none of them have shifted your feelings of anxiety and overwhelm?
  • Do you feel somewhat trapped in your current situation and just don’t know where to turn?

As a Mindset Coach, qualified Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner, I have successfully worked with 100’s of men and women who want to break away from feeling stressed and anxious all of the time.

  • So …How would it feel if you can begin to take life at an easier pace and to feel more in control of every aspect of your life?
  • What would it be like – to dramatically improve your health to get back in control of your eating, drinking and sleeping?
  • What would it be like – stop worrying about what other people think about you?

Mindset coaching is a blended approach that combines working with the conscious and subconscious part of our minds.

It’s so effective with tackling stress and overwhelm. We get straight to the root cause…and unpick what’s going on. We then reframe your subconscious to feel safe, secure and back in control.

I want to share with you a real life case study that show just how effective hypnotherapy can be dealing with anxiety and stress.

Bridget’s Story …

Bridget booked in for a series of sessions to initially overcome her weight and drinking problem.
As a Director of an Education Institution in her mid 50’s she described how she was battling with controlling her alcoholic drinking. ……

Downing a bottle of wine and sometimes more every night after work. As a result her weight had ballooned, and she always felt groggy the next day. Every morning she woke up determined to stop the pattern.

When I questioned her about work she told me how pressured every day was. Juggling decreasing budgets, staff redundancies, increasing government pressure to make cuts and so on.

Bridget was continuously under pressure and felt she was unpopular and judged by her staff. She shared how she felt trapped she felt with her situation – she wasn’t sleeping and was also on a high dosage of anti-depressants. Essentially, Bridget was overwhelmed and struggling to cope.

Together we looked at how Bridget could manage her role and feeling more in control. Bridget realised her over eating and alcohol drinking were a symptom of her unhappiness and began to get back in control of those habits.

The main work for Bridget was in accepting she had always made it alright for every body else. Bridget believed accepting more and more responsibility was normal and didn’t know how to say ‘No’. A lot of this was learnt behaviour from her childhood, Her parents always said how she was not good enough and let them down.

During the sessions Bridget realised she no longer wanted to be in education and consequently applied for early retirement. Bridget is now enjoying her new stress free life pursuing her dream of being a Writer.

Here’s how I work with those who want to stop feeling Stressed or Anxious…

Step 1: I invite you to book a Complimentary Discovery Call with me so we can explore your particular situation.

On this call (which will last between 30-45mins) we will unpick what is really going on and why you’re feeling stressed or anxious. I will be able to give you some practical and useful advice on what you can do to feel more at ease and back in control.

Step 2: At the end of the call I will explain how I can help you and will recommend the number of sessions I believe will give you the results you want – should you wish to receive further support from me. The number of sessions recommended will be based solely on your specific circumstances.

Step 3: We then identify the best way for you to access your sessions. The way in which I work and help people can either be done face to face or online via Skype as I don’t want time or travel to be a barrier for you getting the help and support you need and deserve.

To Claim Your Complimentary Discovery Call Click Here – you will then be able to select the day & time which works best for you.