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Here is how I can help you…

Want to Stop Feeling Stressed or Anxious?

  • Do you lie awake worrying and playing things over and over in your mind?
  • Do you experience sudden emotional outbursts?
  • Is your health suffering – migraines, skin conditions, constant colds or worse?
  • Is your confidence at rock bottom?

Struggling with Insomnia and Sleep Problems?

  • Is your lack of sleep affecting your daily life or health?
  • Do you often lie awake at night worrying?
  • Are you feeling sick and tired of being tired?
  • Are you fed up of having no energy?

Want to Improve Your Performance At Work?

  • Are you at a sticking point in your business or career?
  • Do you doubt yourself or your ability to handle certain situations?
  • Do you need to improve your skills or ability to influence others?
  • Maybe you’re a victim of work place bullying?

Want to Overcome a Fear, Phobia Or Panic Attacks?

  • Do you have a fear, a phobia or suffer from panic attacks?
  • Are your feelings accompanied by headaches, stomach cramps, heart palpitations or sweating?
  • Are your panic attacks or feelings related to travelling in a car, on a train or flying?
  • Do you have a fear of being sick or stuck in an enclosed space?

Need to Change How You Feel or Improve a Relationship?

  • Do you feel stuck or trapped in a relationship?
  • Are you struggling to come to terms with your new situation?
  • Are you left feeling lonely, insecure and lacking in confidence?
  • Perhaps you’re looking for answers about a particular relationship?

Want to Quit Smoking?

  • Need some help to stop smoking?
  • Want to quit with no weight gain, cravings or nasty side effects?
  • Tried willpower, patches, e-cigarettes or gum but nothing has really worked?
  • Do you want a solution so you stop smoking for good?

Here is what my clients are saying…

“It feels very relevant & helpful now with all we are facing with COVID19…”

I first had a two-part mindset session with Nicola three years ago and she helped me through some major life changes which included bereavement and divorce.

I was suffering from terrible insomnia at the time and Nicola helped me to be more present, which enabled me to sleep.    Now, whenever my old habits of thinking too far back or too far forward creep in, I play the tailor-made  hypnosis recording she gave me and it really helps.  It feels very relevant and helpful now with all we are facing with COVID19 and the investment in two sessions was worth every penny. The  MP3  hypnosis suggestion is as powerful a tool today for me as it was then.


Lizzie Pickering

Film Maker and Motivational Speaker on Grief in the Workplace

“I feel great, I am happy and I am able to live my life well.”

Firstly, I have lost weight!. As soon as the first session was over the focus and determination returned and I was able to plan and get back in control of my eating, drinking and fitness.

Secondly, I am calm and able to manage life and the people in it far better. I feel that I have gained an underpinning calmness and strength which allows me to cope better. During this time of Covid-19 in my high pressured role as interim HR Director; keeping things in perspective and to focus on what it important.

I feel great, I am happy and I am able to live my life well.

Thank you Nicola. I am so grateful for your time and skill in helping me to be the best I can be and to take back control of my eating and drinking and live my life as a slimmer, more confident and happy person.




Sue Evans

Interim Director of HR and Organisational Change, West Sussex County Council

“Never Dared Believe Such a Profound and Far Reaching Effect…”

I was very unhappy; I lacked self confidence, and had very low self esteem. I had been battling for years and it had spread to affect the whole of my life, the way I felt about myself, my work and my relationships with those closest to me.

From the initial discovery phone call, all the way through the process. Immediately after our first face to face session I felt like a changed person, I walked away feeling almost instantly more self confident and relaxed. That feeling continued, with the use of the hypnotic suggestion at home, and I could feel my outlook on life beginning to alter.

I was surprised that the sessions were not just about hypnosis, but also included a great amount of life coaching. For the first time in a long time I feel happy, relaxed, and confident. It is not an exaggeration to say that my whole life has changed, and I am now excited to be working towards wherever my life takes me.

I would never have dared to believe that it could have had such a profound, and far reaching, effect. You really have changed my life.


Jason Cox


“My life is so different…”

Before working with Nicola I had a ton of self limiting beliefs which were obviously not helping me to progress to the next stage of my business. I choose to work with Nicola because I liked her fun refreshing approach and could tell she’d be great to work with.

Nicola has lots of empathy for people. She listens without judging and is discreet and seemed to get me and my problems quickly. When I was under hypnosis, she had a lovely soothing voice which is really important.

After our sessions, thanks to Nicola I developed a strong belief in myself that I could achieve my goals. My life is so different in that I’m now helping people in the Uk, Australia, New Zealand and in lots of other countries and I’m just loving it. I am successful but I’m still me. I’m not trying to be someone else.

My vulnerabilities are my strength if that makes sense. I’m also having a lot of fun while building my now global business but I also have a wonderful work/life balance which I struggled with before. I have found that I am attracting really exciting and inspirational people into all aspects of my life.

Liz Doyle

Global Business Builder and Coach

“Without Nicola, I know I would not be where I am now…”

Very rarely do you meet people who change your life in an almost instant. Nicola did that for me.

I had lost my self esteem, self worth and I felt totally lost and out of control. I had a business idea but I felt so out of grips on how to reach it. Nicola sorted me. Actually no, she helped me to sort me. And that’s her talent. She unravelled the tangled web that was my mind and challenged me to face things I would never have done otherwise.

Within a year, and after working with Nicola on her program, I am independent, have a flourishing career as a Personal Trainer and have developed my own unique exercise discipline. I’m earning extremely well and I absolutely love what I do.

Without Nicola, I know I would not be where I am now. She is THE most positive person you could ever meet, but she tells you how it is. Her straight talking, yet amazing encouragement made me believe in myself and the business that she helped me create. She is encouraging to an extent where you feel that she truly believes in you and what you’re doing. And that’s what I needed – and still do.

She’s a listener, a mentor, a challenger and potentially most importantly, a damn good person who helps people reach their happy place, both personally and professionally..

Lynsey MacDonald

Director Sculpt Discipline

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Claim Your FREE ‘How to Power Up Your Mindset to be Successful in Business and in Life’ Webinar Place

To claim your free place on this webinar training simply click on the button below and enter your details.