When was the last time you snatched just a few hours of good sleep? Chances are, you felt pretty rough the following day. As a one-off, it’s just tolerable. But, night after night, day after day…

According to the NHS, a staggering 1 in 3 people suffer from insomnia. In my work as a motivational hypnotherapist, I meet a lot of people who suffer from sleep problems, barely getting 4/5 hours of sleep a night. The recommended number of hours of sleep for the average adult is 7- 7.5. Some people need more, some less.

A good night’s sleep is food for the brain, repairing our bodies and restoring our minds. Who wouldn’t want that?

Regularly denied sufficient sleep; you can lack energy, look unhealthy, find concentration difficult, risk increasing heart disease and depression. If you’re feeling irritable, de-motivated, having uncontrolled bursts of temper, your work and personal relationships will be suffering, too.

Before seeking hypnotherapy 42 year old Harry, had suffered with insomnia for the past 15 years resorting to sleeping tablets , alcohol, and developed a number of complicated rituals that he believed would help him get that good night’s sleep he so desired. In the mornings he was fit for nothing. Making irrational decisions, lacking concentration and drive, which all compounded to his stress.

After a short programme of hypnotherapy Harry happily went on to benefit from a good night’s sleep, relieving his stress and coping mechanisms.

Clients say their sleeplessness occurs for one or more reasons: stress, bereavement, illness , depression, and worry. You may recognise some of these symptoms yourself and have either difficulty getting to sleep or find you are wide awake during the night.

Hypnotherapy is an excellent treatment for insomniacs, working on a number of different levels:

  • Lowering the heart rate, reducing stress, while instilling feelings of deep relaxation.
  • Letting the subconscious know that the old pattern is no longer wanted, replacing it with a new suggestion to sleep deeply and wake invigorated for the new day.
  • Looking at the cause of the insomnia, and reframing the problem.

Misguidedly, we think alcohol will help relax and induce sleep. In fact, alcohol, contributes to night sweats, dehydration and getting up several times during the night to urinate, preventing deep sleep.

Sleeping tablets in the long term only suppress the real reason that the person is staying awake and can make you feel tired and ‘“ out of it’ ” the following day.

Get your sleep and your life back in control.

My therapeutic approach is to treat your deep seated cause of pain and dis-ease. Working at a deep emotional and physical level rather than just fixing a problem. When you work with me you will discover more about yourself. This learning is guaranteed to help transform your life on many levels.

If you have an old habit or behaviour that you wish to break?

Or you have an area of your life that you’re feeling particularly stressed about, that’s possibly affecting your confidence and they are preventing you from moving forwards.

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