Has your relationship with alcohol gone beyond pleasure?

How many of you reach for an alcoholic drink after work? What it is during your working day that spurs you to have one drink too many? Alcohol has become a signal that the day is done. It’s time to unwind, to switch off. The issue that this brings about though is that it is easy to lose the ability to know when to stop and this impacts the quality of their life.

Is this ringing any bells for you?

Do you wake in the morning feeling muzzy and tired, or even full of remorse and angry with yourself for hitting the bottle the night before. Maybe you nurse a sore head and keep down feelings of nausea and inertia up until lunchtime.

At first those initial few drinks help you to unwind, and perhaps you find you are able to communicate better with partners, family and friends. As a motivational Mindset Coach most of the people that I have worked with who want to control their alcohol intake are suffering from stress report that work, family and intimate relationships eventually suffer.

Whilst on a roll, several drinks later, they often become argumentative and say too much that is hurtful and wounding. Sometimes it can lead to aggression and depression. Or they choose to withdraw from family and friends altoghehter.

Frequently clients with excessive drinking problems express that they have a lack of communication with their partners, key colleagues, a general feeling of boiling over with frustration, of not being listened to. This contributes to low self esteem and confidence issues, depression and anxiety.

The reason for this destructive drinking habit lies in several factors:

  • The inability to be able to allow one’s self to stop and to relax without the aid of an alcoholic drink.
  • Feeling caught in a trap. Frequently people report that they are in the wrong job, scared to move on in the current financial climate, feel anxious and depressed.
  • A lack of engagement with the aims of the company or organisation. Under fulfilled, not consulted and undervalued in their work place.
  • Insufficient resources to do the job well leave people with a feeling of worthlessness, frustration and lack of motivation.
  • Interestingly a large proportion feel disconnected spiritually and disengaged from their work place, families and local communities.

The cost of all this is far more than the cost of a bottle of wine or spirits. It is far reaching, impacting our mental and physical health, our relationships and risking the loss of effectiveness at work.

Tangible Reasons to stop drinking

As human beings we are all benefit driven … if there isn‘t a benefit then why stop a habit for good? To be able to stop we have to have tangible reasons. A tangible reason is one that we can identify, see how we can make it happen and then make it happen.

To replace a habit like excessive drinking, smoking or over eating we have to have extremely solid reasons that are watertight and give us the incentive to control our destructive habits.

The simple yet highly effective programme that I have developed over the past seven years successfully helps these high achievers to put themselves back in control, to discover something even better than alcohol, to reframe their attitudes to alcohol and to successfully move forward alcohol free.

If you have an old habit or behaviour that you wish to break?

Or you have an area of your life that you’re feeling particularly stressed about, that’s possibly affecting your confidence and they are preventing you from moving forwards.

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