Increasingly my work as a Mindset Coach, hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner has involved working with men and women from all walks of life to help them resolve and gain control of overriding anxiety and the incapacitating knock on effects of stress. The main objective is to achieve a sense of perspective to reframe the way the client is coming at a problem or set of issues. When we feel stressed and generally out of control of our lives in order for us to cope better people can turn to excessive or acquire unwanted behaviors.

Stress is a debilitating condition for individuals and expensive for businesses. Recently according to the Stress Management Society, one in five of the working population is currently affected by stress and more than 105 million days are lost to the condition each year, which costs employers approximately £1.24 billion annually. Furthermore half of people in employment suffer from stress over a period of a year, stress is the main cause of sick leave.

Stress is a natural response, designed to fire up our adrenalin to escape danger and can benefit the immune system, preparing the body to withstand things like surgery and infections. There is nothing quite like a bit of Stress to help us work towards completing a deadline. We all have our own limits of how much stress we can take in our lives before it just becomes too much. However, when the amount of pressure we are experiencing rises above what we believe we can cope with, it can easily turn to stress and that’s where it becomes distressing.

Stress is generally an accumulation of several factors.

Common causes of stress at work

Stress at work comes from an overriding feeling of being out of control contributory factors include:

A heavy workload, long hours, increased responsibilities, unrealistic expectations, bullying or harassment, lack of job security, a poor working environment, the organisational structure, a lack of career development and a general lack of support.

You may:

  • experience feelings of being out of control?
  • working longer and more ineffectively?
  • Loss of motivation, focus and doubt your own judgment?

Quick Stress Busters:

  1. Take a wonderful deep breath When you start to feel overwhelmed and everything is whirring out of you breathe is essential. We rarely breathe properly… practice your breath control. Take a deep , deep breath breathing all the way down to your abdomen and fill up your lungs with air and then SLOWLY let it out…repeat this three or four times. Then again take a deep breath and fill your lungs with air and then hold the breath at the top before releasing very slowly.
  2. Don’t eat an elephant all at once! Take tasks that feel overpowering and break them down into bite sized pieces. Monitor your time management and keep a log of where and how you are spending your working time. It is satisfying, if you feel you have been ineffectual throughout the day, to actually see where the time has gone.
  3. Ask for help– see where you can realistically delegate areas of work that frustrate or de-motivate you. Highly successful people are efficient with their time. They pass on work to the right people rather than getting bogged down with tasks that do not utilise their key skills and judgment.
  4. Top up your energy batteries with pleasurable healthy things that feel good to you mentally and physically i.e. join a gym, pilates, yoga, running , walking etc the cinema, theatre join a choir. Cook a delicious meal, switch on to some comedy.laughter is an instant top up. When our batteries are running on empty we get stressed, anxious and become ineffective.
  5. Fine tune your focus and relax with Self –Hypnosis. Learn how to flood your body and your brain with positive energy and messages, take control of your life and achieve results through self hypnosis. You can use self hypnosis as a power nap, to reboot your energy, decision making and focus.
  6. Retune your mindset– get yourself into the mindset that this too shall pass.

If any of the above has resonated with you and you have an area of your life that you’re feeling particularly stressed about, that’s possibly affecting your confidence and they are preventing you from moving forwards.

Or you have an old habit or behaviour that you wish to break?

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