What do you need to do differently so you can have the energy and focus you need to accomplish a better quality life?

If you are feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and unproductive you are not alone. Have a look at my nine point check tried and tested effective list to help you get out of and avoid the feeling of overwhelm:

  • Release that toxic energy with regular daily exercise. Shift the power supply; get that oxygen circulating around your body from top to toe.
  • Avoid your work space becoming stale. Keep it as clutter free as you can bear, you know what works for you.
  • After a meeting, shift the energy – open windows and shake cushions – changing the furniture around works well too.
  • Play loud music; clapping, dancing and laughing out loud also helps to change your energy and maintain your verve. Rather like thunder changes the atmospheric energy. How about a mini office rave at lunchtime!
  • Delegate those tedious jobs that drain your vigour.
  • Treat yourself and listen to 30 minutes of deep self hypnosis. This acts to lower your blood pressure, slow the heart rate and control your stress levels.
  • Be brutal and pare back jobs, projects and clients that are diverting you away from your main focus.
  • Avoid hanging around with people who suck your life blood. You know the ones, the negatives, who love to stay in their drama.
  • Have regular body work, massage, kinesiology, reflexology, acupuncture , gong bath etc. Rid the body of toxins and balance up your chi.

View overwhelm as a temporary thing. Aim to get back in control as quickly as possible.