Are you still smoking? Maybe you considered quitting, or perhaps you just weren’t ready to finally Stop.

Hypnotherapy is worth considering if you are looking for a really simple way to stop smoking with no weight gain, cravings or nasty side affects?

Perhaps you have all ready tried willpower, patches, e-cigarettes, gum, or some other chemical technique with no success. These methods have less than a 30% success rate.

Statistically the majority of smokers started smoking at around age 14, enjoying a secretive smoke behind the bike sheds with their peers, relishing in doing something naughty. As a long term habit, smoking becomes associated with feelings of helping to feel de-stressed and to find time for themselves, and for some – to still be a rebel.

You may fall in to one or two categories as a smoker:

1. You just don’t like smoking anymore and really keen to quit.


2. You know it’s not good for you but you do enjoy the luxury of taking timeout to savour having a smoke.

The top 5 reasons smokers give when asked why do want to quit smoking:

Health – don’t want to get lung cancer, want to live longer, be fitter and healthier.
Smell – hate smelling like an old ashtray. It’s a dirty disgusting habit.
Deceit – hiding the fact from your kids, partner or friends that you are a smoker.
Anti-social – embarrassed to be a smoker, not many in your social circle do smoke. Your kids /family hate you being a smoker.
Save Money – you spend anything between £50 – £300 a month and more.

My job as the Hypnotherapist is to ensure that you swap this long term habit for something much, much better. The above reasons are good ones; however they are not sufficiently good enough. The reason being they have to be sustainable and tangible.

Did you know a quarter of people abandon their resolutions after just one week? A staggering 60% give up within six months?

This is why typically a rush of smokers come for hypnotherapy in June and October, seeking my one off session of hypnosis to quit smoking for good. In most cases they have attempted to quit back in January and for various reasons have gone back to smoking again.

As a hypnotherapist I want to be absolutely certain that by the time you leave the session you are well and truly leaving as a non-smoker.

Why? Because the Reasons are not good enough!

Health. We all know that we are going to die one day, but unless the Doctor says to you, “if you don’ t stop this minute you will die tomorrow of lung cancer”, it isn’t going to be immediate. True, tobacco is the main cause of cancer in the UK.

Smell. Clients usually go into huge detail about how the smell is disgusting. Well yes it is and again it’s not a good enough reason to quit. You can do all sorts of things to disguise the smell…spray your mouth and your clothes. I rarely open the door to a smoker and think how awful they smell.

Deceit. Again yes another good reason, yet not good enough to stop immediately. One client hid in the garden crouched down by the dustbins to have her smoke. She hated lying to her husband and children. Yet she had got away with her own secret for years.

Money. It can’t be denied smoking is expensive currently costing £9.60 for a pack of 20. So if you were an average smoker of 20 a day you would save around £270 a month. Unless you put the money in a jam jar, or opened a special account and saved it, would you actually notice the difference? Usually people flitter the money on other things.

You need tangible Reasons to stop smoking

Remember as a smoker you have had this habit for a long time. It has to be really worth you quitting not only for health reasons, you have to be emotionally ready.

As human beings we are benefit orientated. What I am looking for from my smoking hypnotherapy clients are tangible reasons. Brilliant reasons that are going to alter your state of mind so that the minute you come up and out of hypnosis you are feeling safe secure and back in control in the knowledge that your old habit of smoking is now a thing of the past..

As you leave the therapy room after your non- smoking session the hypnotherapist wants to be certain that you are feeling confident, well prepared to be a non-smoker, relaxed, reassured, with no cravings. Essentially that you are excited now that you are a non smoker.

To achieve this state of mind the hypnotherapy session involves a deep relaxation induced trance like state, where the positive tangible reasons are loaded into your subconscious mind. In effect wiping the previous old habits and desires of wanting a cigarette clean.

Interested in quitting for good?

It is highly recommended that before you book your appointment you like the sound of the hypnotherapist and feel comfortable to go ahead. Feeling confident with your hypnotherapist is an essential consideration.

If hypnotherapy seems like it may be the best route for you email me [email protected]