4 Easy Steps to Get your Brain into Gear and Stop You giving Up So Easily

I began working with a new client yesterday, who has been suffering with ME for the past 20 years.

She has been ignoring herself, putting family and everything else first. Subconsciously sending the message to herself ‘you don’t deserve a good healthy life’.

What are you giving up on?

What’s your excuse?


how can you turn it around and keep on track with your goals?

I have a daily reminder by the card that sits on my desk and reminds me that ‘No One Can Stop You But Yourself’. How true. I am fascinated by the connection of our self imposed limitations.

Let’s take goals and New Year’s reservations. How do you make those changes and great intentions last for good?

Whatever it is that you seek to change, why do you give up so easily on your intentions?

Can you answer honestly the following questions?

  • Do I really choose to live my life like this? Or is it just habit, and cultural conditioning?
  • Would I choose to create my life where… I don’t deserve / I wasn’t able to earn sufficient money and build a comfortable fulfilling life for me and my family?
  • Given the opportunity, if I could create my life… Would I choose to create it where I was an emotional eater, unhappy with my body?
  • Would I really choose to create my life where… I am in the same destructive co-dependent relationships?

We don’t deliberately set out to jeopardise and sabotage our health and success; it’s usually driven from habit and fear.

If we are not coming from our own truth, that place of where we feel at peace and comfortable with our choices and circumstances, we are in a state of reaction driven through fear of the unknown.

Our reactions come from established programs and old cultural beliefs about who we think we should be and what we believe we ought to be capable of, picking up these reactive patterns from our childhood. Unwittingly we live our life through the responses of reaction and fear.

The bottom line is if we want to create the kind of life that we really desire and deserve, we have to get our subconscious mind on board working with us.

4 Easy Steps to Get your Brain into Gear and Maintain your Goal

  1. Listen to your inner voice … usually driven through anxiety and insecurity reinforcing the message “I don’t deserve”,” I am not good enough”. Sell your goal and intention to your subconscious and change your words from reactive Power-Sap Words, i.e. should, need, want could, try, to empowering ‘Power-Up’ Words such as choose, desire, intention, success, trust, achieve.
  2. Turn your attention to your body – what is your heart, throat and stomach telling you. How do you feel when you tell your body – “I now choose to live in a slimmer, healthier, fitter body”. “ I choose to be working in a job that pays me well and reflects my passion and skills”. (Or whatever your own particular goal is). Can you notice a shift or release? Or does it feel blocked and uncomfortable?
  3. Make friends with your subconscious self, aim to come from a place where you trust, like and love yourself. When we continually beat ourselves up, we turn towards our reactive and destructive state. I have found that the more I let myself off the hook and come from a place of love and compassion to myself, my confidence increases. I feel stronger, braver and more determined to achieve my intention. Coming from a place of shame, fear and should do better, is not only limiting – it is destructive.
  4. Excite your subconscious by mental rehearsal. Regularly for just 10 minutes on waking or just before bedtime visualise and create a dream-like state. See yourself achieving your goal and your intention that you have set yourself. So for example if your goal is to run a marathon, see yourself training, see what you look like, focus on what it feels like to reach the finishing line. Whoop up that feeling of what you are going to feel like. How healthy, elated, what an achievement etc.

If you have an old habit or behaviour that you wish to break?

Or you have an area of your life that you’re feeling particularly stressed about, that’s possibly affecting your confidence and they are preventing you from moving forwards.

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