Whatever your situation during the COVID-19  situation, whether you are now caring for children home from school, classified as being in an “at risk” category, are facing income instability, have had to self-isolate, or are feeling the wobbles that many of us are experiencing right now during this lockdown period.


This is a time more than ever before to look after your emotional and mental health. As I have been processing what is happening to all of us and listening to what you have been saying, it is worth noting we are all going through a natural cycle of loss.


As we move through each phase of the cycle of loss- the loss of our normal, jobs, income, free movement and independence, we are experiencing together as a collective many of the same emotions, importantly to remember not all at the same time.

The cycle of loss is:


Denial-shock- Blame-anger- guilt-depression- motivation – forgiveness- acceptance-realisation and joy.


Some of these emotions and behaviours we will stay in for longer. Naturally, we swing from one emotion and then on to another back and forth. It’s useful to understand this process and accept this is a natural response. Everyone including, you, your partner and children will also be processing.


Feeling Fear


For many too, fear is coming up a lot. Fear of loss of income, loss of work and worrying about our loved ones.


When we unpick fear it is driven from a deep sense of insecurity and feeling out of control.


The acronym for FEAR is False Expectations Appearing Real.


  • Aim to avoid building up a bigger a story in your head and repeating it over and over.
  • Avoid focusing on the worst possible scenario. The calmer you can be the greater the sense of clarity and peace of mind to deal with your particular situation.
  • Restrict listening to the news to just twice a day and stay away from negative posts on social media.


To do my part for our community I have created a FREE 30 minute Guided Relaxation hypnosis recording designed to help calm and relax you to help move you through this ever changing landscape together. You can use it as reset button.


Just simply click on the link below


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Please feel free to share with your family, friends and work colleagues.


Thank you for your feedback, many of you have commented how it has helped you deal with your situation with more calmness and given you clarity.


As human beings in times of crisis we are an incredibly powerful and courageous network together.