What’s your take on holidays?

…loath or long for them?

Do you dread the never ending ‘To Do List’ before you head off.

Do you feel exhausted and completely burnt out at the outset of that much longed for vacation, irritable and unable to relax and wind down?


Are you dreaming and fantasising for weeks planning your great escape?

What though are you escaping from?

If you are experiencing work and life stress, or in an unhappy relationship, the tendency is that you take yourself and the problem away with you. All of your discontentment and unhappiness doesn’t just evaporate, or stay at home, does it?

Sometimes a holiday can actually make your unhappy circumstances worse!

Because it gives you more time to dwell in your discomfort and desperate situation, shinning the spotlight on the problems in your relationship and family dynamics. Or your lack of relationships, highlighting yet further your loneliness.

On holiday are you still taking emails and calls from work, because you are scared of the back log and other consequences if you let go?

Aware that the bullying boss, or dysfunctional team will still be there on your return.

That all too familiar heart sinking feeling of overwhelm and diminishing  self belief …knowing you deserve so much more financial recognition but lacking in confidence to go after it.

Does this resonate with you?

Have you got to melt down…your own boiling point?

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