If you are you one of the 33% of those surveyed according to latest research who has gained weight since March 2020? (out of 1.6 million responded.), read on and discover how hypnotherapy is an effective solution to help change unwanted habits

Are you finding yourself struggling to get rid of that weight gain or picked up any unwanted habits during lockdown that you now want to let go of?

Many people I’ve spoken to have developed unwanted habits. Mainly as coping strategies during the Coronavirus crisis, to deal with the enforced isolating and uncertainty. They have found it a particularly stressful and worrying time, causing intense anxiety about the health of their nearest and dearest as well as  their own health.

For some people the uncertainty over jobs, finances, and security have escalated their anxiety levels. Whilst some found staying at home easy to do, others felt lonely, isolated and vulnerable.

During lockdown many relationships benefited with more quality time, whilst some have found it a massive strain on their relationships.

Consequently the added pressures has resulted in people adapting and relying on habits like overeating, drinking more alcohol than they normally would, snacking on sugary foods and smoking more.

How many of these apply to you?

  • Have you developed a snacking habit to cope with boredom or anxiety?
  • Do you struggle with decreased levels of physical stamina?
  • Has your alcohol consumption increased?
  • Has your smoking increased?

Help is at hand if you:

  • have piled on the pounds and you are feeling unhappy and lacking confidence in yourself.
  • lacking will power and keen to get back in to feeling control?
  • worried about increased health risks to covid-19, heart related issues, blood pressure, diabetes and your overall fitness.
  •  want to enjoy a greater level of fitness and health and get back to feeling slimmer and more energetic.

How Hypnotherapy fast tracks creating new habits

If you are serious to change your habits Hypnotherapy can help by re-wiring positive alternative habits directly into the subconscious mind (which is where our habits are ‘stored’).

The role of the hypnotherapist is to “sell it to your ‘subby’, by outlining all of the benefits of feeling slimmer, healthier, more active and back in control. Rather than feeling something is being denied to you without a good reason. This explains why so many diets and health regimes fail.

Once the subconscious mind realises that you want to transform a habit and replace it with a healthy alternative long term change occurs.

The mind learns through repetition, with a personalised hypnotherapy mind boosting recording listened to daily for a length of time. This effectively fast tracks and reinforces the new thought patterns for positive lasting change.

Unwanted habits can be successfully changed with hypnotherapy

I offer programmes to help:

  • losing weight, gaining control of your intake by choosing healthier foods to suit your bodies needs and increasing motivation to exercise
  • reducing or quitting alcohol
  • addressing feeling out of control sugar cravings
  • quitting smoking for good

The Covid-19 virus has shone a light on the fact that our health is precious and not to be taken for granted. We can actively reduce our chances of getting the virus, or alleviating symptoms and making a quick recovery if we are healthy and proactive.

By feeling and staying in control your mental well being, sense of perspective and overall health significantly increases.

If you have gained weight or come out of lockdown with other unwanted habits and are committed to changing or reverting back to your pre-lockdown health, hypnotherapy is a proven option to give you the support you need to help you achieve your health goals.

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