I have come to recognise when my buttons are being pushed and I am avoiding or self sabotaging myself. It may be I really need to adapt to a new way to work. Or change my eating and drinking habits. Even a resistance to embracing new relationships. Over time I have come to understand all the theory and the reasoning behind it. Yet sometimes it takes awhile to break down what and why I am resisting the new alternative.

An adage that gets trotted out by coaches and change makers is- If you do what you’ve always done you get what you’ve always got. It’s so easy to become stuck with the same old patterns isn’t it?  Most people love the familiar even though it can make us feel discontent and miserable.

The key to staying ahead and back in the game is to recognise the signs to our resistance and then move towards it and finally to conquer it.

Throughout my career as a motivational mindset coach and hypnotherapist I recognise the clues that indicate a client is resistant to change. Read through and note if any of this relates to you.


Firstly, it may be that the client just fails to turn up, or cancels at the last minute for their therapy session in an attempt to avoid changing.

Or, they try to avoid the main reason for their problem during the session. This is a ploy to avoid discussing the most significant issue. One client always brought me home baked cakes or flowers, treating it like a social visit. Nice for me, but an avoidance tactic.

Another clue is they don’t engage in the homework or listen to their Booster Hypnosis suggestion MP3. Specifically designed to support and move them to feeling safer to make their desired change.


They blame others as the reason why they are stuck, or can’t commit or why it just won’t work for them. The use of BUT gets used a lot.

If any of the above rings bells with you ask yourself, Is it too challenging right now? What is my resistance to change? What am I afraid of?