How prone are you once the clocks go back and the daylight hours are limited do you descend into a deep dark hole of mental gloom?

Do you Struggle through one bout of illness after another?

Can you feel physically and mentally sluggish where everything is a chore?

This winter covid-19 seeming ever more prevalent are you determined to look after your health and do winter differently this year?  I have spent years perfecting a winter wellness plan.

If you are looking to lighten your mood, increase your energy and improve your immunity to winter illness here are 8 Essential Natural Winter Remedies

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8 Essential Natural Winter Remedies

Take advantage of the sunny days, leave your workplaces, sofas and get out into the winter sunshine. Create every opportunity to recharge your vitamin D and boost your feel good hormones, melatonin and serotonin.

By replenishing your serotonin levels you maintain a better mood. Soak up those rays. The NHS now advise adults to take a good supplement of vitamin D.

Significant research suggests that a daily dose of Vitamin D is helpful in creating greater immunity and recovery from the corona virus.

Regular Physical exercise releases the feel good chemical serotonin, an essential for improving your emotional state. Take a brisk walk, run ,gym, swim whatever the weather, embrace the elements on a daily basis. Once you put your mind to committing to daily exercise it’s so exhilarating to be out in all weathers.

There really is nothing like laughter to lift your mood with the body’s natural feel-good chemicals. Laughter triggers the release of endorphins, which promote an overall sense of well-being and can even reduce and relieve pain. Laughter decreases stress hormones and increases immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies, improving your resistance to disease .Listen or read funny books, hang out with light hearted friends.

Take charge of your feelings aim to do activities that make you feel good, listening to uplifting music, dancing, singing, playing an instrument. If you can, take a holiday to a warm place, or plan next year’s holiday. Cosy up at home in the evenings, light candles, see it as an opportunity to relax. Catch up with things – organise those photographs, darn your socks Escape into a really good read. Get in touch with your creative self.

Cut back on your alcohol intake –this helps you to reduce your weight, by lowering your sugar intake.  Leaving off the booze during the week helps you feel less sluggish, more vital and improves your mood the next day. Likewise aim to eat healthy fresh seasonal food packed with essential vitamins and minerals. Remember too much sugar in the gut weakens your immune system, increasing your risk of infection.

Boost your mindset and your body Regularly with feel good messages. By frequently applying visualisation, hypnosis and meditation tools you can tone up your mental muscle. Flood your system with images of liquid golden sunshine, and empowering positive well being messages that excite your subconscious

Using these effective tools naturally releases feel good endorphins…that reinforces your energy levels , improving your motivation  as  well as boosting your immune system to retain fantastic mental and physical health throughout the winter months ahead. Take advantage of my free booster relaxation audio download relax and enjoy the great escape.

Balance up your Immune system – with sound healing  and Biofeedback. I am a huge advocate of changing your energetic frequency to boost the energy system to resist winter colds, viruses and flu to stay healthy and well. When your vibrations remain pure and harmonious, you remain happy and healthy. If the harmony is distorted by stress, pollution, poor lifestyle choices, or toxic emotions, Wholeness is lost in the environment and in your body. The body forgets how to repair itself and you fall sick.

Accept the season-and all that it brings. Get back in touch with the cycles of the seasons …go with the flow as nature intended and refrain from overriding your body clock. Traditionally without electricity we would be in bed by 9 o clock.

See it as permission to take life at an easier pace. Rather than spend months berating the weather, Christmas, the dark…accept. Remember what we focus on is exactly what we get.