For those of you going on holiday it can bring up a whole host of emotions, pleasurable and exciting as well uncomfortable dormant issues, that tend to resurface once the suitcases comes out.

Classic Issues such as fear of flying, travel sickness and relationships can rear up.

A fear of flying is one of my favourite areas of phobia that I enjoy working with clients to overcome with hypnosis. For people with a fear of flying it is debilitating and can seriously prevent people from moving on with their lives.  Putting a block on what, for a lot of people is a piece of cake, experiencing the thrill of being in the air, travelling to exciting destinations,  new work opportunities, meeting family and friends across the other side of the world.

If you have a fear of flying it is a miserable, uncomfortable and overwhelming feeling of being out of control experience.  On one level understandable , flying in a tin can 100’s miles an hour 2  miles up in the sky.  The essential thing to bear in mind is that you are not being ridiculous; it can frequently be a deep seated issue that has sprung up from nowhere.

The phobia or the dread of flying can begin to resurface itself, weeks before the lead up to the trip.  As the departure date gets nearer people experience, night sweats, sleeplessness, palpitations,  and an acute  sense of dread.

They fear:

  • Missing the plane
  • being in an enclosed space
  • Overwhelmingly hot
  • circumstances out of their control
  • anxiety over missing the plane
  • feeling or being taken ill on the flight, vomiting, fainting etc
  • claustrophobia
  • fear of take off, fear of landing, fear of engine failure or crash landing.

By the time they reach the airport they are feeling completely irrational and terrified.

Phobia s in themselves are interesting, a phobia is an external symbolic interpretation of an internal anxiety.  This means that we have an emotional conflict going on at an unconscious level.  When we can’t deal with the emotional issue our subconscious bottles up the emotion and hey presto turns it into a phobia.  The Oxford dictionary defines phobia as a “fear or aversion”

There are typically two sorts of phobias a Simple phobia i.e. fear of snakes which doesn’t often impact on the person unless they worked in a pet shop, and therefore rarely requires treatment.  This type of phobia is known as purposeless.  The fear may have begun with a trauma or perhaps passed on from parent to child, i.e. a fear of dogs.

The second type of phobia is known as purposeful and there are generally more to them.  Their key purpose is to divert attention from a conflict within the person.  The phobia acts as a diversion, by concentrating on the phobia/fear it takes away something else which is deeply disturbing.

An unchecked phobia can commonly spread to more situations, resulting with the life of a person becoming more rigid

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