There are several contributory factors that get your stress going. One of the biggest reasons is your expectations. It could be for example the expectation of others, an event and importantly your expectation of yourself.

The problem is typically we expect to produce more than is practically possible. We anticipate achieving more of ourselves than is realistic. Our sense of perspective becomes unrealistic.

Your negative words ramp up your stress

This can lead on to disappointment, shame, and a feeling that we just aren’t good enough. And in turn invariably knocks on to how we speak to ourselves. When we feel we are coming from a place of lack we use words and phrases like I should, I’m so stupid, ridiculous, crazy, disappointing, lacking, I’m stressed, must try harder yadda, yadda, yadda.

From a neurological perspective these power sap words actually trigger the stress chemical in our brain known as cortisol. Too much cortisol can make us feel and keeps us in a flat, uninspired, demotivated and depressed frame of mind. Quickly our confidence and self esteem is eroded, leaving us feeling anxious and an unrealistic sense of perspective.

Be your own mindset coach change your language

Approximately 65% of professionals experience the feeling that they are not good enough. Many of the clients I work with have what is known imposter syndrome. They feel they are in their jobs, by the skin of their teeth. That they are fraudulent and will get rumbled any minute. It is a common psychological condition.

To help change your long term ingrained thought process change the way you talk to yourself. Learn to be your own mind coach by changing your language.

Use nurturing and motivating power up words and phrases, such as easily, naturally, comfortably, happily, achieve, successfully, dynamically, inspiring, productive, calm, peacefully etc.

By using these words they will help to coach and reframe your mind to believe in your skills and abilities in a more realistic way.

When we use positive power up language we release the feel good chemical serotonin which floods our system and gets us into a happier, more confident, uplifted frame of mind. Simply, by changing our perspective helping us to get more of a realistic grip on life.

Six instant ways to review your unrealistic expectations

  1. Question your why?-  Ask yourself why are you pursuing a project, dream or goal?  Go after your own dreams, this is your life, aim to live a more authentic life and quit worrying about what others think. The rule is,  If it ceases to bring you enthusiasm and energy let it go.
  2. Let go of what others think and fear of letting them down.- Dare to be different, follow your own path be open to new possibilities.
  3. Know your limits- Acknowledge how strong you are.  Recall a time you went through a really tough situation and how you worked through it.
  4. Check in with your language-Replace negative power sap words with empowering confidence boosting power up words.
  5. Nurture yourself- Feel and be more understanding and easier on yourself.
  6. Realistic perspective-Aim to Keep things in perspective and proportion. Be more realistic and mindful about how much you can achieve on a daily basis.

FREE Hypnosis Download Change your Language Change Your Life

Hypnosis is excellent for stress related conditions I have had the pleasure during my career specialising in working with clients to resolve their stress related anxiety, confidence issues, and insomnia, to get back in control to enjoy a happier fulfilled lifestyle.

By entering a deep relaxing state we can change how you feel about yourself and reframe with a dynamic hypnotic suggestion that calms, relaxes and improves how you feel about yourself and your distressing out of control behaviour.

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