Hot flushes are a mind body connection. Let me explain. Hypnotherapy has been clinically shown to reduce hot flashes and night sweats by up to 80%. Alongside HRT, it’s the most effective management tool.

You can learn to control your physical symptoms by controlling your thoughts and responses. Simply, just by regulating the temperature from the subconscious part of your brain your control room, or if you like you your internal operating system.

So if you feel HRT isn’t your only option, hypnotherapy is a good consideration to manage and self regulate your hormones, which drives your hot flushes and night time sweats.

Hot flushes, sometimes referred to as hot flashes, are exactly as described. It’s when you suddenly get a surge of heat usually from your chest area spreading up around your neck, underarms and face.

They can last from 3-10 minutes at a time. The reason they are so uncomfortable is largely due to the unexpectedness of when a hot flush will arise and can leave you drenched in sweat.

Frequently they occur at night, disturbing sleep and creating more anxiety. During meetings, travelling, meal times and other social occasions. Leaving you feeling hot, bothered and out of control .For many women hot flushes are embarrassing and uncomfortable.

Who is prone to hot flushes and Night Sweats?

They are commonly experienced as a distressing and embarrassing symptom by peri -menopausal and menopausal women. The age ranges most commonly affecting women from 40-55.

Scientific studies have identified that stress, anxiety and diet can considerably influence the extent a woman can experience hot flushes.  It’s a vicious circle, and can be exhausting for female suffers.

Why do they occur?

When you reach menopause, you are no longer ovulating each month and the production of oestrogen and progesterone ceases. It’s actually triggered by the part of your brain called the hypothalamus. Your hypothalamus (a part of your brain) is your heating and cooling control centre regulating your body temperature. It manages when you’re too cold and warms you up. It also decides when you’re too hot and cools you down.

During and leading up to menopause the hypothalamus may believe your body is overheating when it’s actually not.  It triggers your cooling response: the blood vessels near your skin dilate triggering that flushed feeling. Your heart rate goes up and blood moves faster around your body and the heat travels to your neck, face, and neck resulting in flushing, and sweating.

 Controlling hot flushes and Sweats with hypnosis.

Hypnotherapy helps relieve hot flushes in several ways:

  • Whilst working with the hypnotherapist they will get a good overview of your physical, and your emotional symptoms.
  • This is a good starting point to unpick and resolve any work life anxiety and feelings of overwhelm. Poor diet and other factors.
  • The very nature of hypnosis promotes deep relaxation.
  • Deep relaxation promotes better quality sleep and feeling more in control on a daily basis.
  • Finally you will learn through self hypnosis how to begin to regulate your own control room to reduce those unwanted hot flushes.

If you are interested to find out more about controlling your hot flushes and night time sweats and other debilitating menopause issues here is how I can help.

Step 1: I invite you to book a Complimentary Discovery Call with me so we can explore your particular situation.

On this call (which will last between 30-45mins) we will unpick what is really going on and why you’re struggling. I will be able to give you some specific and practical tips on what you can do to overcome your hot flushes and other related symptoms.

Step 2: At the end of the call I will explain how I can help you in a bigger way and will suggest the number of sessions I believe will give you the results you want, should you wish to receive further support from me. The number of sessions recommended is based on your specific situation.

Step 3: We identify the best way for you to access your sessions. The way in which I work and help people can either be done face to face or online via Skype. I don’t want time and travel to be a barrier for you getting the help and support you need.

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