February is a welcome month for me…spring feels ever closer and it’s the month where the emphasis is on expressing and sharing the love.

Here I want to celebrate and share with you the magnificent power of love and not just the romantic kind.

My FREE gift to you is a beautiful Guided Meditation Opening Your Heart that I  have recorded especially to help you towards opening your heart, so that you can send out and receive even more love imaginable.

Without fully embracing love and all of its many facets it can be and feel a very lonely place. Read on and I will explain, why more than ever before it’s important to be open to this powerful all embracing energy.

Astounding Heart and Meditation Facts

I recently discovered that there was a ground breaking study carried out in 1997 in Germany, by the University of Kassell. The research team wanted to measure the amount of photons per second being omitted from the average person’s chest.

In simple terms, Photons are little parcels of light information and are a means of how we communicate with one another. The higher number of photons we have, the more light and other health benefits we are holding in our body.

The exciting aspect of this study is that this research discovered that the average person they studied were omitting around 20 photons of light per second.

On the second day of the study they ask volunteers to meditate specifically on their hearts only, and to send out love to the world, the meditation lasted about 20 minutes.

After the meditation they measured again the number of photons. On average the photons had gone from 20 to 100,000 where the mediators were able to focus on the heart and send out heart based love to the world. Isn’t that just amazing that we have this ability for free at home anytime?

That is 5000 times more than the average human being. Many studies have also shown that when these photons are infused with a loving and healing intent, their frequency and vibration increases to the point where they can literally change matter, heal disease, and transform negative events

The Heart also loves, feels, thinks and remembers and communicates with other hearts. It stores information and continually with each beat pulses this information through the body.

Help Shift the Worlds Energy

Everything in our world is vibrating energy and frequency. I would love if you can join me so that we too can contribute to help change the current negative energy as a collective and do it in large numbers.

Just imagine the difference we can make by shifting the negative energy that currently bombards us with daily fear based bad news in the world. Restoring greater feelings of optimism, mental and physical wellbeing out across the world. And as the experiment demonstrated it’s so simple. Just by meditating on our hearts as often as you can.

The FREE Guided MP3 download  Opening Your Heart  is designed to help you get started. Set aside 30 minutes, mute those phones and other devices, headphones on and off you go.